i, Punjabi (Super-8, 2005)

i, punjabi : premiered at the Rushes Soho Short festival in Vue West End cinema, Leicester Square, London on 31st July.

i, Punjabi (Super-8, 2005)
Adventures of an Asian superhero shot on a single 3 minute Super-8 cartridge, and presented completely unedited.


Qasim Shafi … ‘The Super Hero’, Narrator
Danielle Symonds … The Girl
Gareth Lynch … The Guy


Sufian Ahmed
Director, Story

Qasim Shafi Production Assistant #1
Burhan Ahmed Production Assistant #2

Technical Specs:

Camera Canon 1014 XL-S
Telecine Straight8.net
Film Stock Kodak K40 Super-8
Film Length 50 meters 3:20
Aspect Ratio 1.33:1

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